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Domel is a socially responsible company with 1.100 employees. Being a global developmental supplier of state-of-the-art solutions for electromotor drives and components based on our own innovative technologies ensures the growth and sustainable development of the Domel Group and provides high-quality employment opportunities for the wider region.

Domel draws its creative energy from its rich industrial tradition, and is one of the largest global producers of electric motors and suction units, where it has a 60 per cent share of the European market. Besides 3 production locations in Slovenia, we have our production facilities in China as well. Through our network of representative offices, Domel is present on all of the world's leading markets. We are a developmental supplier with a clear vision and in-house development, through which we create trends and technical solutions at all levels of individual products and devices. Domel has received numerous awards from independent technical and consumer organizations, our laboratories are part of the national and international development network, we invest a great deal into social responsibility and enjoy long-standing collaboration with manufacturers in numerous branches of industry.

Domel is a global developmental supplier of electric vacuum motors for wet and dry applications, DC motors, electronically commutated motors for ventilation, pumping and air conditioning systems, garden applications and components made using our own custom tools and technologies. In developing our products we start with laboratory simulations, which are a precondition for the creation of construction designs that result in optimal functioning, high efficiency, long lifetime and environmental friendliness. The development of our motors is based on numerical methods and simulations of aerodynamics, electromagnetics, rotodynamics, durability and further optimization using our own development tools.


At that point, we would like to point out our main products and technologies that can be used in products suitable for automotive applications.

Automotive applications

Domel has a very clear strategy in the field of applications for the automotive industry. A significant part of this strategy is played by sealed BLDC motors, stepper motors, DC PM motors and specialized motors and components. They are used in auxiliary drive systems for electric and hybrid vehicles, and in safety systems.

AP line

AP line

Electronically commuted drives

Electronically commutated drives are the new global standard in the fields of energy efficiency, product lifetimes, capacity and process control. By using special technologies and solutions, Domel’s new generation of electronically commutated drives operate without ionization sparking, with lower levels of electromagnetic interference and lower heat generation. EC drives combine all of this with exceptionally high power, precise control, low magnetic and electrical losses and long lifetimes. Domel’s EC drives are found in the printing and transport industries, HVAC systems, various garden tools and drive systems for fuel cells.

Components and tools

Our own innovative in-house technology with sets made of electrical sheet metal, plasticized metal cores and products made of BMC Duroplast are key parts of Domel’s product range. Our tool shop develops, manufactures and markets tools and components for cutting electrical sheets, spraying plastic, plasticizing metal cores and injection moulding. Domel’s tool shop has featured cutting-edge technologies ever since the company was founded!

Shaft overmoulding

Shaft overmoulding


Sealed DC PM Commutator Motor – 484.3.702              

Specifications: Outer diameter 59 mm

                        Torque 0.02 to 0.30 Nm

                        Speed 5,100 to 6,650 rpm

Applications:    pumps, gears, actuators etc.

BL DC Motor Inner Rotor –

Specifications: Outer diameter 79 mm

                        Torque 0,9 to 1,6 Nm

                        Speed 6.000 to 10.000 rpm

Applications:    compressors, pumps, gears, actuators, air handling units, etc.

BL DC Motor Inner Rotor – 727.3.301

Specifications: Outer diameter 63 mm

                        Torque 0,2 to 1 Nm

                        Speed 5.500 to 6.700 rpm

Applications:    wet running pumps.

BL DC Motor Inner Rotor – 713.3.301

Specifications: Outer diameter 63 mm

                        Torque 0,08 to 0,2 Nm

                        Speed 5.200 to 5.600 rpm

Applications:    prototype for pump application.

BL DC Motor Inner Rotor – 741.3.501

Specifications: Outer diameter 84 mm

                        Torque 1 to 5 Nm

                        Speed 1.300 to 1.800 rpm

Applications:    prototype for chassis application.

Open BL DC Motor Outer Rotor –

Specifications: Outer diameter 68 mm

                        Torque 0,4 to 0,8 Nm

                        Speed 5.000 to 12.000 rpm

Applications:    compressors, pumps, gears, actuators etc.

Stepper Motor – 701.3.101

Specifications: Diameter 36 mm,

                        Step angle 7.5°and 15°,

                        Adjusting travel 7.5 mm,

                        Force > 17 N,

Applications:    highlights adjustment, linear positioning, etc.

Stepper Motor – 702.3.102

Specifications: Diameter 25 mm

                        Step angle 7.5°and 15°

                        Adjusting travel 12 mm

                        Force > 17 N

Applications:   system adjusting, linear positioning and other several uses.

Generator - 675.2.305

Specifications: Diameter 50mm

Applications: Energy source at power tools.

Overmoulded rotor and stator stacks

Specifications: Stator overmoulded

Application: Pumps, Fans, Alternators, etc.


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