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Year: Founded in 1999, by partners with multi-years experience in hi-tech plastic materials application.

Plant: Located in Italy, near Turin, with plant of the 2200 covered square meters and 4500 open areas.

Staff: present staff of 40 people, 26 devoted to production, 6 for Product development /Engineering and Quality dep., 10 for general services.

Production: is currently developed through 21 top level brand injection presses, such as Engel and Demag, ranging from 25 to 260 tons (see the attached table)

ERP Organization: Company is managed trough SAP e MRP (Material Requirement Planning); orders by customers are managed with EDI system.

Quality and Certificates:
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2000
  • ISO/TS 16949:2002
Main quality equipments for products and process control:
  • Optical control line for 100%  check of our bushings production
  • Hi precision measuring 3D devices
  • Integrated stations for blending, drying, dosage, distribution and granule recovery
Core Activity:

Proposing itself as a Problem Solving company in techno-polymeric finished and semi-finished product application fields, starting from the customer’s needs, through a complete engineering and consultancy process

Proccesses, technologies and services:
  • Product design and engineering
  • Mould design and manufacturing
  • Injection Moulding of plastic material and techno polymers (21 presses, brands Engel and Demag )
  • Techno polymers and PTFE semi-finished product


  • Mechanical processes of plastic material and PTFE


  • Plastic material casting
  • Assembling
Commercial Fields:
  • Automotive field, is the 50% of our T.O.
  • Pumps (Food&Beverage, Industrial, Medical…)
  • Trucks
  • White goods
  • Agricoltural
  • Machined Parts
  • Medical
  • Stardard bushing
Automotive field:

Applications for car seat, roof-systems, manual and automatic gear for petrol and gasoil cars, trucks , agricultural application (parts development and industrializations for spherical  bearing replacement…)

Our principal customers:

CNH, SKF, Inalfa Roof Systems, Fiat Group Automobile, Magneti Marelli, Magna Group,Lear Corporation, Martur…


Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Poland, Netherland, Slovakia, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India , China…

Cobraplast products can be divided into:
  • Standard products as bushings and washers in Hi-tech materials
  • Customized products


Products in NO standard material:

Starting from Krailon™ material, proposed for automotive application to new brands that Cobraplast developed and owns.

Innovation 1


Automotive components for pedal systems, GEAR BOX, gear forks, metal replacements products, bushings, co-moulding products, seat bushings, shock-absorber cap…


Injection molding

Thermoplastic material in use: Hi-tech Plastic material  from Peek  to PPS, PAA, PA…with all type of charge and additives…

Main features
  • Metal replacement
  • dimensional stability
  • self lubricating
  • thermal resistance
  • excellent mechanical resistance
  • excellent durability
  • parts engineering and designing
  • Low friction and wear
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Lower weight
  • Lower cost

Innovation 2

Metal replacement example:

Automotive components for automatically gear (Parking Lock)

Allows venting of extra pressure within the gearbox oil seal.


Injection molding

Thermoplastic material in use:Krailon®M100

Main features
  • Dimensional stability
  • excellent mechanical resistance
  • excellent durability
  • parts engineering and designing
  • Lower weight (-50%)
  • Lower cost (-25/30%)
  • Decrease of n. of component (from 4 to 3)
  • Improvement of the assembly


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