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Supporting the present developing the future

FEV is an independent and internationally recognized leader in the design and development of powertrain systems. Today, FEV provides internal combustion engine and alternative driveline development together with their vehicle integration. This includes the development and application of hybrid and electric vehicles, transmission systems, E/E components/ systems, control hard- and software as well as chassis development.

Based on FEVs own deep experience in the industrial and economic operation of test facilities FEV offers a wide range of test and instrumentation systems and related services covering applications from R&D testing through to end-of-line hot tests.

Neuenhofstr. 181
52078 Aachen, Germany
Phone +49 241 5689-0
Fax +49 241 5689-119


The FEV Group is a global service provider which turns technical and business innovation into reality.

Key facts

  • Founded in 1978
  • Independent /Family owned
  • 2600+ employees globally
  • 130+ test benches globally
  • 260+ m € revenue in 2012
  • Close cooperation with RWTH Aachen
  • Sectors
  • Automotive, Commercial Vehicle
  • Aerospace, Transportation
  • Clean Energy, Power Generation
  • Capabilities
  • International footprint
  • Technology driven
  • High levels of innovation
  • Combine technology and business consulting

Innovation 1

MockUp – Gasoline Downsizing

Technical highlights

  • Roller bearing cranktrain
  • 2-stage variable compression ratio VCR
  • Friction optimized cranktrain with minimized bearing dimensions
  • Integrated exhaust manifold
  • Vehicle integration: Active engine mounts

Development techniques

  • Triple-Image-Endoscope
  • Optical spark plug
  • Telemetric piston temperature measurement
  • Turbocharger optimization

Innovation 2

Combined power & energy battery

Technical highlights

  • Combination of power and energy cells by cost efficient current controller. Solution for PlugIn-Hybrids with high power demand in charge sustaining mode and sufficient energy content during charge depleting mode
  • Advantages in Package, Weight and Cost compared to conventional
    PlugIn-Batteries with same power and energy requirements
  • Easy extension of electric driving range by additional energy modules
  • No separate cooling of energy modules due to low discharge and charge rate

FEV‘s project involvement

  • Complete Battery Development incl. Layout, Design, Assembly and Testing (excl. Cell manufacturing)
  • Funded through Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie


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