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The EFI Automotive Group, a tier-one and tier-two OEM supplier, is the specialist for smart embedded modules for powertrain (engine and transmission) and drivetrain. The Group has structured its offering around smart sensing and actuation solutions (systems and instrumentation) for LD and HD manufacturers and their major suppliers the world over.

EFI Automotive which just celebrated its 75th anniversary is a family owned Group of 1 500 employees. The Group achieved a consolidated turnover of around 180 million euros in 2012 and has a strong international presence (France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, China and USA).

EFI Automotive close at hand wherever you are

To accompany its customers in their geographic expansion, EFI Automotive continues to strengthen its longstanding international development strategy, guaranteeing local support and a consistent level of product and service quality in all its production zones.

Today, the Group goes one step further, developing a transnational model that favors the sharing of know-how.

Present in all countries with strong potential, EFI Automotive has industrial or commercial subsidiaries in Turkey, the U.S., China, Germany, Italy and Japan.

Thanks to this international presence, EFI Automotive supports the strategies of its customers on three continents. Among other benefits, this geographic diversity makes it possible to take full advantage of the strong points and specific know-how of each country.

For instance, Europe presently has a lead in mechatronics and China in electronics. The more stringent standards applicable in the U.S. compared to Europe help prepare for the future. Excellence Centers have been set up in the different countries for the benefit of the entire Group.

Europe; a strategic choice

From a historical viewpoint, France is the heart of EFI Automotive. The country has two production sites, the one in Beynost, near Lyon, is also the site for the head office and the Group's R&D center. 

Maintaining strong industrial production in France is part of EFI Automotive's customer-oriented strategy. European time zones make it easier to cover worldwide customer requests around the clock, in liaison with international development and production sites. And thanks to Lean Manufacturing, the French factories are just as competitive as those in countries with lower labor costs.

Standardization and autonomy

To manufacture its products as near as possible to its customers, EFI Automotive has industrial sites in France, Turkey, the U.S. and China. Around the world, production units use the same methods and the same equipment. This standardization favors consistent quality and the sharing of experience. At the same time, each country has a high degree of autonomy to preserve flexibility and meet the specific needs of its market.


EFI Automotive bietet intelligente dezentrale Steuermodule.

Mit Sensoren zur Messung von Winkelpositionen in Elektromotoren und Hybridantrieben unterstützt Electricfil Automotive die Automobilindustrie in ihrem Engagement für eine saubere Umwelt und nachhaltige Mobilität.  

EFI Automotive specializes in embedded smart modules.

With rotor position sensors for electric motors in hybrid and electric drives, EFI Automotive helps the automobile industry move forward on the road to cleaner cars and sustainable mobility.

Innovative Sensing Solutions for Hybrid and Electric Drives - New Generation Eddy Current Position Sensors

Auf der 2013 Zulieferer Innovativ EFI Automotive präsentiert die 2. Generation EMPOS.

EMPOS sensors for rotor position measurement

Rotor position is a key input parameter for the control of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs). To deliver this information and meet the constraints of electric and hybrid vehicles, EFI Automotive has developed the EMPOS sensor designed with planar primary and secondary windings integrated on the PCB in a water-and oil-tight package.

Insensitive to severe magnetic disturbances, EMPOS Electric Motor Position Sensors use eddy-current technology to quickly and accurately measure the absolute angular position of the rotor, even at very high speeds.

With integrated electronic processing, this innovative sensor delivers a simple, clean and accurate digital signal. It offers excellent resistance to the severe electromagnetic environment of electric motors at a competitive cost. It is extremely compact and designed for simple connection.

With EMPOS, EFI Automotive introduces another technological breakthrough to improve the control of electric motors.

Thin (< 10mm) and lightweight (< 100g), accurate (± 1°) and Plug & Play digital connection.

Higher efficiency, improved comfort, smoother acceleration, better mileage and longer range.

Innovation 1

Developing Embedded smart modules for tomorrow's vehicles

Technically speaking, building the vehicle of tomorrow involves seven major challenges:

  • cut fuel consumption,
  • reduce emissions,
  • improve energy management,
  • enhance driver comfort and assistance,
  • propose systems for robust environments,
  • anticipate on future standards (Euro 7, etc.)
  • grow the hybrid and electric vehicle market.

EFI Automotive is already working to meet these challenges, developing embedded smart modules to help car manufacturers keep pace with driver expectations.

Shifting its outlook from components to systems and instrumentation, EFI Automotive has structured its offering around smart sensing and actuation solutions.

Innovation 2

Powertrain instrumentation
  • IC engines,
    Camshaft and crankshaft sensors, speed and position measurement, detection of direction of rotation
    EFI Automotive offers a broad range of high performance sensor and actuator solutions designed to improve driving comfort while reducing fuel consumption and engine emissions. Designed for extreme accuracy and well-known for high reliability, these products are mass-produced around the world at very competitive costs.
  • Electronic transmissions
    Robust and reliable sensing solutions for electronic transmission control systems
    Manual transmissions are deeply rooted in the European automobile culture. Today, they can be equipped with electronic control systems for smoother gear shifting.
    For these transmissions, EFI Automotive offers innovative solutions based on a sensor and mechatronic module system approach, using a wide range of measurement technologies. With extensive know-how in the most robust electronic technologies, EFI Automotive has developed a solution for truck transmissions offering a service life of 3 million km in extremely severe environments.
    EFI Automotive has also developed electronic gear-shifting sensors for emerging markets in China and around the world and for the automatic transmission market in North America.
  • Drivetrain
    Gaining a competitive edge with stop-start as standard equipment
    Stop-start systems automatically switch the engine off when vehicles stop temporarily, significantly reducing fuel consumption. Applying its extensive system know-how, EFI Automotive has developed a range of dedicated product s for these increasingly popular stop-start systems. They carry a high added value, allowing manufacturers to out-distance the competition by offering stop-start as standard equipment. Such solutions are also decisive in efforts to comply with CO2 emission standards.

Innovation 3

Powertrain actuation

innovative solutions for intelligent thermal management

More than 90% of pollution from vehicles is emitted during the first 50 seconds after starting a cold engine. For this reason, manufacturers are looking for ways to improve the responsiveness and accuracy of temperature control. The most effective solution to achieve this objective is to replace mechanical thermostats by intelligent systems.

Intelligent thermal management makes it possible to reach the optimum engine temperature faster and to maintain it while the engine is running. The result is lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and greater passenger comfort.

  • Water control loop
    Actuator module with integrated sensor

    The use of mechatronic modules integrating electronically controlled sensors and actuators is a new and innovative solution for intelligent thermal management. Developed by EFI Automotive within a partnership, this module offers more accurate and therefore more effective control, all in a smaller package.
  • Air management
    Integrated solutions for more efficient air control loops

    New engine types use advanced air control loops to help reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides emitted by internal combustion. Examples include low and high pressure exhaust gas recirculation systems (EGR) and swirl and tumble air intake systems. These functions help manufacturers comply with Euro 5 and Euro 6 norms and adapt engines to the increasing use of biofuels and new combustion processes.
  • Fuel injection

    An economical and silent solution for high-precision, high-pressure injection, ideal for upcoming "clean" diesel engines.

    high-precision injection for clean combustion

    For diesel engines, optimum fuel injection is a decisive factor in efforts to boost efficiency and cut fuel consumption and emissions. The injection actuator is at the heart of the system that controls the quantity of fuel injected in the engine's cylinders.

    solenoid-type diesel injection actuators

    As a specialist in solenoid-type actuators, EFI Automotive offers custom solutions for the injection systems of both light and heavy vehicles. These actuators offer a number of advantages.
    • Small size and high mechanical precision.
    • Very fast response, compliant with future Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards.
    • Robust design allowing operation in severe environments (diesel fuel, vibrations, temperatures up to 180°C).
    • Solenoid technology, less expensive and more silent than piezo-electric actuators.

Assisted by a hydraulic amplifier, the injection actuator moves the needle at the injector output orifice. It is operated by an electrical circuit controlled by the ECU.

Innovation 4

Ecodesign - a priority from start to finish

At EFI Automotive, challenges related to the environment and sustainable development are not seen as constraints, but rather as opportunities to demonstrate the company’s creative edge. All new products are developed according to a rigorous ecodesign approach and carry the Green design by EFI label. The use of accessible and widely available materials, optimized design and integrated intelligence all help reduce the weight, size and energy consumption of products while protecting the environment.


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