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2A is a private owned die-casting foundry oriented and specialized in the development and production of components for the automotive and domotic industries.

2A is a complete die-casting partner

  • Production of pieces from few grams up to the biggest:
    Casting machines from 220 tons up to 4.500 tons
  • Machining, testing, automatic assembling, painting

2A head quarters are located in Turin (Italy) and are covering 3 plants.

2A has also different production locations (alone or in JV), such as: Brazil for machined parts, China for aluminium and zink parts, India for metal-rubber mountings and USA for machined and finished parts.


ISO 9001 (since 1995), QS9000 (since 1999) and ISOTS 16949 (since 2004) certifications guarantee a good quality level and a constant improvement of the service given

ISO 14001 (since 2002) certification is the reflect of the environmental conscience with which 2a is operating

Customer and Turnover


  • Auto: Alfa Romeo, Fiat, GM, Lancia, Opel, Renault, Saab, Tofas
  • Truck: Avtodizel, Daimler, Chrysler, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, Iveco, Mack, Nissan, Renault VI, Scania, Sevel, Volvo


  • Arkivator, Contitech, Donnely, Ficosa, Gestind, Getrag, Alfdex, Magna, Magneti Marelli, Nippon Denso, Trelleborg, Visteon, ZF


  • Danfoss, Olivetti, Sanmina

For a total turnover of  80.000.000 Eur: 60% on Truck business , 40% equipments in different fields.

We can also offer:
  • A motivated R&D and engineering department which enables to answer positively to most of   the needs of the Customers
  • Major competences in metallurgy. We constantly follow the alloys produced, thanks also to a well equipped laboratory
  •  A development contract signed with Pechiney (the first Aluminium producer in Europe) and the good relationship with Rheinfelden enables us to propose innovative ”ductile alloys”
  • A profitable relationship with the Engineer University of Turin (the “Politecnico”) enables us and our Customers, as a service, to be informed and involved in the major research programmes
  • The presence of the “Politecnico” and of the biggest European automotive factory network gives us the availability of the competencies necessary to answer to most of the requests of our Customers
We propose the following casting technologies:
  • series parts: die-casting, “glue-casting”®
  • prototypes: rapid prototyping, sand-casting,
  • “glue-casting”®


Our Company is investing, since many years, approximately 3% of its turnover in R&D activities which allowed us to become leader in the High Pressure Die Casting business and patent two technologies.

We started our R&D activities in the powertrain applications and then we slowly flanked to the structural parts, obtained thanks to a redesign of the parts and to the use of innovative alloys / heat treatments. We are currently using 10 different alloys.

We also invested in order to be able to offer very large parts (produced on machines up to 4.500Ton) and with complicated machining and assembling.

Core Die Casting ®

This patented innovation enables us to produce pieces with undercuts.

Glue Casting ®

This patented innovation enables us to produce pieces by gluing them together.

Extra-large Die Casting

We acquired the competences for developing and producing complex very large parts, such as Fly Wheel Housings, Ladder Frames, Oil Sumps, Cross Members, Battery Boxes. These components are produced with machines up to 4.500Tons.

Structural Die-casting

We acquired the competences for developing and producing structural parts, such as Cross Members, Battery Frames , Radiator Brackets, Different Structural Brackets.

Rheocasting ®

We tested the Swedish Rheometal ® technology and we are currently developing a new one, which will help us to solve the problems related to the temperature.

Complex assembling

We are able to deliver assembled parts, with different assembling technologies.



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