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Technically innovative and sound in corporate management: With this philosophy, Kunststoff Helmbrechts (KH) has achieved a top position as systems supplier for high-tech plastic components.

Our corporate strategy consistently promotes new developments, particularly in the area of sophisticated surface technologies. High production profundity in-house forms the basis for outstanding product quality – with short lead times. Together with continuously trained, profit sharing employees, we realise the success of our customers.

Since its foundation in 1958 by two textile-entrepreneur families, KH’s development has been moulded according to innovative and independent corporate-politics. Through subsidiaries and joint ventures we are consistently targeted to servicing the market internationally.

The KH Group now consists of five operations in four countries. We are independent and, as a result, flexible.

Statistics and Figures:
  • Founded 1958
  • 1200 Employees worldwide
  • Certified according to TS 16949, DIN EN ISO 14001
  • Based in Germany, the Czech Republic, China
  • Awarded with the Technical-part Prize on numerous occasions
  • Since 2000 subsidiary Foliotec GmbH (Sparneck/Germany) with 250 employees
  • Since 2002 subsidiary Unikun (Suzhou/China) with 450 employees
  • Since 2006 Joint venture KH-Cetto Chodov/Czech Republic) with 250 employees
  • Since 2010 subsidiary KH-Mex (Querétaro/México) with 75 employees



Novelty: Capacitive sensors in 3D

Until now, circuit boards were above all one thing, namely,flat, and as a result not particularly suitable for playing an important future role for the car interior: Button free control by means of capacitive fields on three dimensionally shaped surfaces. Within the frame of their joint development project MyWave, Kunststoff Helmbrechts (KH) and MID-TRONIC now present a novelty: A 3D-component with analog shaped circuit board for functional electronics.

The new MyWave-Demonstrator is lined up with all kinds of technical features: After ignition it displays the room temperature in binary mode. A gentle touch on the mode button and the color change in the “MyWave-3D” print is activated. Running one’s finger along the printed volume control produces a rainbow effect. Another touch on the mode button and the volume indicator comes into action by means of LED as you already know from the 2D-MyWave.

In order to direct these functions, a further conventional, i.e. a flat circuit board, has been placed in the 3D-MyWave. However, in later series production the control electronics in the car interior will be located in a central unit outside of the plastic component and the second circuit board will be omitted. The team from MID-TRONIC in particular, performed pioneering work in the 3D-circuit board field in that they developed a new 3D-automatic loader that is capable of affixing electronic components such as diodes and resistors onto any desired shaped circuit board. The next step within the co-operation will be the printing of the conducting paths onto foil and to then form them. The goal is a three dimensional sandwich of décor-/functional foil and back molded plastic.

For the current 3D-MyWave, KH subsidiary Foliotec once again took on the realization of the plastic components including decoration and In Mold Labelling processing. A fade effect came into operation for the binary temperature gauge. In geometrical terms a curvature of 18 mm was introduced to the component surface. The new MyWave-3D offers KH customers the possibility of already testing and applying future technology on their products today.

MyWave 3D

MyWave 3D



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