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TECNOCAD PROGETTI S.p.A. ( is an Italian company  active in the automotive and commercial vehicle sector since 1986, providing in-depth know-how in the engineering field, including the entire development process, from initial concept to small production batches.

Close cooperation between different specialist teams working on CAD Development, CAE Analysis and the prototyping workshop enables us to reduce development time and improve project quality.


Tecnocad enables its clients to define the best style, providing services and tools to ensure we operate with maximum efficiency. We produce preliminary sketches according to our clients’ indications, virtual checks, Class A,B and C surface modelling and styling model building.


Since its foundation, Tecnocad's core business has been Engineering.

The in-house competencies of the Tecnocad Group cover the complete vehicle development, and in particular for: chassis, car body, interior trims, exterior trims, dashboard, components.

Within these different areas of expertise, teams of specialized technicians use the most advanced engineering and simulation tools to successfully complete high quality projects, reducing time and cost during the initial phases.

CAE Simulation

Today's virtual simulation instruments and methods ensure that the function of each single component and of the vehicle as a whole can be predicted with ever-greater precision and reliability.

The use of computer-aided engineering (CAE) from the initial phases of the project onward, provides valuable information in order to develop components that satisfy all requirements relating to rigidity, vibration, security and comfort.

We operate in the following main areas: creation and assembly of FE models, linear and dynamic static analysis, non-linear static analysis, crash simulations, fluid dynamics analysis, process simulations.


In spite of the excellent and increasingly realistic results of virtual simulation, it is still vital to manufacture physical models and prototypes and Tecnocad supplies a complete service in this field. Our offer includes: assembly of static and marching prototypes, manufacturing of moulds and prototype equipment, manufacturing of prototypes using rapid prototyping techniques and low pressure vacuum moulding.

We prepare prototypes both as a service for our clients and as an in-house service for our designers. We can also manufacture prototypes during the initial phases of a project to identify and correct problems in the development stage.

Tooling Manufacturing

Tecnocad builds tooling and plants for the production of vehicle interior/exterior trim, including in particular: foaming moulds, foaming mould carriers, complete foaming systems, thermo-forming moulds, thermo-coating equipment, master cubing.

Foaming and thermo-forming tooling is used for high volume and also for prototype or short run production.

Moulds, tooling and plants are designed using forefront CAD systems in order to check and simulate all the related functions, ergonomic aspects and behaviour under load.


Tecnocad offers a small series production service to create various interior and exterior car trimming components.

The service includes the creation of stratified components, injection moulding or low pressure moulding, foaming of dashboard and other foamed components, manufacturing of metal or plastic details, handcrafted workmanship, such as hand stitched leather and brushed aluminium finishing, assembly and dimensional controls.

One of Tecnocad’s greatest achievements is the production of foamed dashboard with leather upholstering: this patented method was developed thanks to the exceptional knowledge and expertise of our teams.

Our vocation for innovation, together with our technical background, has led us to develop a large number of ideas which we have first patented and then turned into finished products.


Italy (Turin)

TECNOCAD Progetti  - Engineering

TECNOCIM System - Software Support, Systems Data Management & Security

TECNOMILL Engineering – Limited Series Production, Workshop, Tooling & Prototyping

China (Shanghai)

ICONA Design & Engineering Ltd. - Style, R&D,  Prototyping

Brazil (Betim)

TC PROJETOS Ltda - Engineering


Based on its longstanding experience in the construction of foaming moulds and systems, TECNOCAD PROGETTI has developed an unique method for an in-mould decoration process of leather (or fabric) upholstery, called TECNOCAD FOAMING.

The technology is the result of a dedicated R&D process and industrial implementation. This method replaces conventional upholstery by a semi-automatic process in which the leather is fitted directly into the foaming mould. TECNOCAD FOAMING shares the manufacturing phases for foaming with plastic (as thermoforming, slush, etc). The method can use the same production moulds. Therefore, plastic can easily be replaced by a leather finish.

At Zulieferer Innovativ 2013, Tecnocad will expose a self-developed leather-foamed Instrument Panel that highlights several features of the new technology.

The Key Points of the TECNOCAD FOAMING technology, compared with conventional manual upholstery, can be reassumed as follows:

  1. Soft Touch: The softness of the component is due to the lack of plastic, and manual operations that can lead to a poor aesthetic result if the foam is too soft.
  2. No Glue: The leather and foam are in direct mechanical contact without any glue. This makes the process totally clean.
  3. Sticking to Styling: Replacing all manual operations with a standard semi-automatic process enables any styling to be followed, for example with stitching or a small radius.
  4. Applicable to Production Cars: Existing plastic upholstery can be converted into leather without having to design and make dedicated production molds.
  5. Serial Production: Production volumes are on a semi-industrial scale and can be further expanded by adding extra molds.
  6. Quick Industrialization: Since there is no need to design dedicated foaming molds, the time to market can be reduced by about 40%.
  7. Saving: Compared with conventional manual upholstery this method saves on investment costs and reduces price variations.

TECNOCAD FOAMING is patented under n° EP238639.

We are confident that our technology will help bringing luxury feeling into the small and mid-size car segments, until today excluded from this optional due to cost reasons.

Introducing a semi-industrial process as replacement for a highly manual production, it results in cost advantages in the luxury segment, too.

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