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SWELL people are specialized automotive developers, operating on the European market since 1993, in three main fields:

  • CAD/CAE (BIW development specialist, exterior & interior modules)
  • Testing (ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory, specially tailored to R&D depts.)
  • Prototyping (metal stamping specialists, design mockups machining)

The company headquarter is located in Horice, Czech Republic, where we run also a branch in Mlada Boleslav. Naturally, our developers operate also in other European locations.

Co-operation with SWELL means having in the suppliers portfolio a skilful, mid-size (staff 130), CZ-based automotive engineering company, when it comes to improving responsiveness on specific R&D dept. needs, new ideas, saving time, worries and/or money.

Sustainable CAD/CAE Body-In-White engineering

In our CAD/CAE departments, we grow our long-term specialization in BIW and Exterior & Interior modules development. The combination of rigorous body-in-white module development expertise (20yrs in CAD/CAE and Prototyping) and cost-advantageous company location in the Czech Republic, offers a strong potential in saving time, costs and worries. Our experienced external CAD/CAE capacities help to better control the development costs and projects deadlines in the typically fluctuating capacity needs environment.

Main references: Skoda Auto, Iveco, Ferrari

Quick-response and detailed feedback testing

Our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited Development Testing Lab is specifically tailored to the R&D/Quality departments needs of the automotive OEMs and suppliers. SWELL is a testing partner able to develop the method, setup and jigs in-house, and give a detailed real-time feedback about the running tests results. That is especially time- and cost-advantageous for companies operating their branches in the Czech Republic and/or Germany.

Main references: Continental, Bosch, TRW, Honeywell, Skoda Auto

Experienced Body-In-White prototyping

(Body-In-White Structures, Interior & Exterior Design Mockups)

In our prototyping workshop, we stamp and weld prototypes of BIW structures, and we machine design mockups. Experienced BIW/Exterior&Interior modules prototypes provider saves a lot of headache, when the project schedule and budget squeezes.

Main references: Skoda Auto, Constellium, IAC, Magna, Dura, Faurecia


HW-SW, infrastructre

  • CATIA V5 R.19 - Generative Shape Design (GSD), Freestyle Shaper (FSS), Kinematics, DMU; CATIA 4.2.4 – Endcheck, Validat, Kinematics, SWP III; ICEM Surf - Master, Magic, Scan; ISO Draw 6
  • MSC.NASTRAN, MSC.MARC, MSC.PATRAN, MSC.ADAMS Operating Test Simulation
  • FEMAP; ANSA/META FE model Creation / Post processing; Mathematica
  • PAM Stamp; AutoForm; PowerMILL
  • ISDN Odette; KVS (6Mbit)

Test lab

  • Vibration systems TIRA 1,6 kN; LDS 22 kN and LDS 35 kN, including slip tables
  • Temperature sources for vibration tests at -50 ÷ 1200°C
  • Climatic chambers Vötsch 1000 l, -70 ÷180°C, 0 ÷98% rel.hum.; Vötsch 600 l,  -75÷+180°C, 0 ÷98% r.h.; CTS 350 l, -70 ÷180°C, 0 ÷98% r.h.; Vötsch 1.150 l for LDS; Variable chamber for combined climatic-mechanical tests; Temperature shock chambers -40 ÷ 180°C; 110 l and 260 l, 30 ÷ 300°C
  • Thermostats Huber -70°C ÷ 200°C
  • Corrosive chamber Liebisch 450 l
  • Servo-pneumatic testing axes DYNA-MESS 10 kN, 2.5kN, speed up to 600 mm/s; Controllable rotary axis Bosch- Rexroth up to 200Nm; Controllable pneumatic cylinders linear 0,5 – 10 kN, rotational 10- 100 Nm
  • Drop tower for dynamic tests, max. 10 kN, max. 2,5 m/s
  • Universal testing machine 50 kN, LabTest 3.5; Extensometr MFN A, 0-4 mm, 0-800 mm
  • Measuring unit HBM - MGA II
  • Sets of electronic sensors for power, dimensions, moments, acceleration, pressure, temperature, and humidity measurements
  • Measuring cards NI (USB, PCI); SW for data sampling and processing: LabView – NI
  • Set of LASER trigonometric tracking units (up to 20kHz)
  • Mobile equipment for modal analyses and data sampling in the field
  • Stereoscopic microscope with digital recording, SW for image analysis
  • High-speed camera Basler + NI Vision Development Kit, lighting system
  • Equipment for insulation resistance and breakdown voltage measurement, precise multi-meters, oscilloscope
  • Equipment for components sealing testing
  • Equipment for enclosure testing IP xx DIN 40050-9

Prototyping workshop

  • CNC milling machine: 5-axes (max. work piece dimensions / weight): 650 mm x 650 mm x 560 mm / 500 kg; 2.800 mm x 1.600 mm x 800 mm / 8.000 kg
  • CNC milling machines: 3-axes (max. work piece dimensions / weight): 1.035 mm x 560 mm 510 mm / 1.000 kg; 2.000 mm x 750 mm x 800 mm / 600 kg; 1.016 mm x 610 mm x 760 mm / 1.350 kg
  • Milling machines (max. work piece dimensions): 350 mm x 700 mm; 300 mm x 900 mm
  • 700 mm x 2500 mm
  • Lathes (max. work piece dimensions): 400 mm x 1.000 mm; 300 mm x 700 mm          
  • Surface grinder (max. work piece dimensions): 300mm x 900mm x 150mm      
  • Stamping presses (max. tool size / tonnage): 1.000 mm x 2.000 mm / 250 t crank press; 1000 mm x 1.000 mm / 250 t hydraulic press; 600 mm x 700 mm / 100 t hydraulic press; 400 mm x 550 mm / 60 t hydraulic press
  • 3D CMM measurement (max. dimensions / weight of the measured part): 1.500 mm x 2.600 mm x 1.350 mm / 5.000 kg
  • Welding equipment: MIG, TIG, spot welding, gas welding
  • Others: metal saw, shears, pillar drills, other common hand tools
  • Manipulation equipment: machining shop - crane 10t, stamping shop – crane 32t, forklift
  • Proven co-operators (capacity backup for the provided  technologies, plus the following): electrical discharge machining - wire cutting, spark machining, die sinking, heat treatment and coating, casting, 2D and 3D laser cut, grinding



  • Design proposals
  • Scans processing – A-class surfacing
  • Concepts, pre-development
  • Kinematic mechanisms
  • Sheet metal and plastic components development
  • Technical documentation, PDM lists
  • FE models
  • Static and dynamic stiffness
  • Frequency analysis
  • Crash analysis
  • Pedestrian protection
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Optimization


  • Development projects
  • Validation tests
  • Comprehensive durability testing, fatigue
  • Frequency and modal analyses
  • Functional tests of mechanical assemblies, durability
  • Mechanical tests, environmental testing


  • Metal stamped components and welded assemblies, complete modules, show car
  • Machined design mock-ups
  • Stamping simulations, tools, fixtures


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